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personalized language training for those too afraid to speak.

Sound familiar?

"Making mistakes makes me so nervous that I'll either stay quiet or leave." 

"I have so many ideas in my head but not enough words to explain them."

"I feel like I have the vocabulary of a 3-year-old, well maybe they can say more than I can. I have a B2 certificate by the way." 

Is this you?

This is for you if you want...


A different methodology based on the practical use of the language

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Confidence to speak

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Personalized sessions

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Goal-oriented learning

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Engaging online training

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HI! I'm Mariana.

I'm here for you.

Like you, I know what it's like to learn a language as an adult and to be scared to speak. Even though I grew up bilingual (Spanish - English), I struggled to learn and use my voice in a foreign language, but now I even have a business in Germany!

I am an English trainer with over a decade of experience. - Yes! I started really young!  I have trained hundreds of learners to become confident English speakers and I'd love to support you as well. 

I use my education in linguistics, educational technology, and language teaching to be an effective, encouraging, and caring instructor. There's nothing I love more than helping learners like YOU overcome their fear of speaking and helping them reach their full potential in English. 

Our online services

for German & English

our language training includes

Online general & business language training


Workshops to enhance your learning

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Curious about learning with us? 

Watch this!

What our learners think

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 You made me feel sure about my abilities & that mistakes are not that bad.


You are one of my best favorite teachers so far. Thank a lot for your works. You always gives us positive energies, what not much teacher do sadly 😔... I was always excited to visit your class on Thursday😁

Sara M.

It was very relaxed. You feel comfortable to speak and make mistakes. Reading the book was great! The teacher was great. I am very happy with the course. Thank you because you (the teacher) were always in a good mood and that is very important for this kind of course. 

Frida S. 

I learned new words, improved my pronunciation and felt English in real life. I enjoyed sitting with friends in a bar. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, high professionalism, and motivation.

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30 days to better business English

A writing challenge

The challenge includes:

  • 30 questions to practice your Business English + 1 bonus

  • phrases, vocabulary & grammar suggestions to push you a bit more. 

  • a version to print or to do digitally 

  • motivational messages

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