We combine the dogme, communicative approach & authentic learning approach to create classes that are based on communication, that are relevant for you and that will boost your English or German speaking skills.


We offer 10 & 12-week courses depending on the time of year. We meet once or twice a week and the sessions last between 1.5 hrs and 2.5 hrs depending on the topic we are covering. 

Our stand-alone workshops have different times, so take a look at the one you are interested in. 

The basics


The classes are taught by highly qualified and motivated language trainers. Some classes feature an expert collaborator in the topic for that class. For example published authors, theater directors, chefs, & artists among other talented people. 


We're at the heart of Mitte. Our courses take place at the Nachbarschaftszentrum "Bürger für Bürger" across the street from the Bernauer Str. subway station. It provides the perfect setting for a cozy and relaxing learning atmosphere.

Sometimes, we hold our sessions outdoors (e.g. parks, bars, restaurants etc.), it depends on the topic we are covering. 


There are 3-6 learners per session, this is to make sure you get to practice as much as possible and to create a more personalized setting. 


Light courses

12 weeks

Once per week


Semi courses

12 weeks

Twice per week


We offer special prices for students, so contact us! 

The price of our stand-alone workshops depends on the type of session, so take a look at the one you're interested in.