"I would just stay quiet. The course gave me the confidence to actually start speaking up in team meetings."

Start speaking business German like it's nobody's business.

Does this sound like you?

" I fought so hard to land my job and now I feel inadequate because I can't say what I want to say."

"I have so many ideas in my head but not enough words to explain them."

 "I'm so scared of making a fool out of myself, that I'll stay quiet even knowing my idea is better." 

"I feel like I have the vocabulary of a 3-year-old, well maybe they can say more than I can. I have a B2 certificate by the way." 

"In my annual review, my boss said that I am too shy and I need to speak more. I've known this since day 1 but I don't even know where to start." 

"It's so frustrating to know I studied for a long time and I'm still embarrassed to give presentations in German."

It's not just you.

You can Sound as professional in German as you actually are.


The sessions made me feel sure about my abilities and that mistakes are not that bad. 

I learned that making mistakes is not a failure.

I came out of my comfort zone, not just in the sessions but in my life. 

I am more and more open. I now understand that not getting the article right isn't the end of the world. 

Before, I didn't dare to speak. The methodology helped me lead my ensemble. I feel very good and free now.


Rock the job

Rock the job is a 2-week intensive training program designed to get your business German up to speed -- FAST

By the end of the program, you'll be able to...

Communicate more clearly

Whether it is disagreeing with your boss or convincing your team your solution rocks, being able to express your ideas in a concise and clear manner is key to success in a job. 

start Building relationships

Having a cordial and respectful relationship with the people you work with begins with the small talk and goes all the way to Glühwein in the Christmas market. We'll show you how to develop your communication skills & break down barriers. 

Write better

Business writing is a whole different genre. You'll practice writing formal emails and letters, so people focus on your ideas and not your grammar. 

overcome Presentation jitters

Or at least get close to overcoming it... With different activities and even theater games, you'll improve your public speaking & gain confidence no matter what. That end-of-quarter presentation won't give itself.

Rock the job

September  21st- October 2nd

Here's a success story

"Before, I didn't dare to speak. The methodology helped me lead my ensemble. I feel very good and free now. "

I’m María Lindo, I have been working with Authentic Learning Berlin for only 2 months. Before, I didn't dare to speak. The methodology helped me lead my ensemble with more confidence, even though it's not my native language. I feel very good and free now.


We went to a gallery and we analyzed the pictures. We talked about colors, textures, window displays. We read about music, my favorite artists, and all of this for me to improve my business skills.  I’m very happy with the development that I have had with the Authentic Learning Berlin.

María Lindo,


Artistic Director, Linien Ensemble

The Rock the Job curriculum

Rock the job is made up of two modules over a two-week period. Each of the components is specifically designed to activate and foster your business German skills.

Module 1

spoken words

The first module focuses on your speaking, whether it's small talk or presentations. Each 90-minute session will hone in a different skill and will also give you time to focus on building the vocabulary that is relevant for your specific line of work. 

Module 1 includes a workshop that will get you to break down the walls around your German and help overcome stage fright. 

Module 2

written words

The 2nd module focuses on your writing skills, whether it's taking notes at a meeting, making slides, or sending formal emails. 

Module 2 also gives you time to concentrate on relevant vocabulary. 

This module ends with a final challenge to put all of your newly acquired and potentialized business German skills to the test. 

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Here is proof that it works

"My vocabulary was very limited and overall, I would just stay quiet.. "

I loved the method! I had previously studied German for years but could not really speak. My vocabulary was very limited and overall, I would just stay quiet. The course gave me the confidence to actually start speaking up in team meetings. I not only improved my German but learned about myself.

Arantza P. R. 


Sustainability Consultant & Researcher at the SRH Hochschule Berlin

Rock the job is for you if...

you are committed

Rock the job is an intensive program, there are sessions every day, you will have daily language challenges to do as individual work and a longer project to carry out during the weekend. 

if you have time

The program requires your effort for 2 weeks, this means that you need to have enough time to carry out the activities and not miss the sessions. If it's a busy period for you, see if you can move things around or enroll at a later date. 

you aren't looking for German grammar class

Of course, grammatical questions will be answered if they arise, but the focus will not be on the grammar. 


you are an intermediate German speaker

For you to make the most out of the program, we recommend you are at a strong B1 level.  

DOn't think we forgot!

Here's your webcast

How to survive a meeting in German

It includes...​

  • how to introduce your ideas and points of view in German

  • how to disagree with others in a polite way 

  • how to summarize and synthesize 

  • information

  • how to ask for and give clarification

  • how to keep a meeting on track and alive

Psst: Download the worksheet to have a useful cheat sheet for your next meeting in German.

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