Talk about things that matter to you.

Improve your language skills. 

JOin the real-world conversation club

Does this sound like you?


Hmm? Sorry, my English is not so good.



You're not alone.




Conversation Club

You pick the theme, we provide the tools you need to speak.

In the Real-World Conversation Club, you will pick a theme and talk about it for four weeks, for example, "The Environment" or "Business Talk".

Each week you will have two, 90-minute sessions: the "Get Ready!" session and the "Speak Your Mind!" session. 

Session 1

Get ready!

The first session has the goal of giving you all the language to talk about the topic. The session revolves around a text or video, where you will get vocabulary, useful expressions, and focuses on building your confidence with interactive activities to practice, practice, practice.

Session 2

speak your mind!

The second session is where you put everything you learned into action. Through debates, discussions, and reflection questions you have the opportunity to use the appropriate vocabulary and talk about the topic with the support of your language trainer. You will be encouraged to make mistakes, to have fun, and of course to share what's on your mind. 


The environment

Intermediate/upper intermediate

​Example conversation topics:

  • Banning plastic bags

  • Consumerism

  • Second-hand vs. new

  • Honeybees

  • Garbage solutions

  • Food waste


Business talk

Upper intermediate +

​Example conversation topics:

  • Cyber security

  • Gender inequality

  • Burnout & creativity

  • Remote work

  • Current news


Media & tech

Intermediate/upper intermediate

​Example conversation topics:

  • Fake news

  • Memes

  • Cancel culture

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Driverless cars




Upper intermediate +

​Example conversation topics:

  • Inclusive language

  • Gender inequality

  • Racism

  • Universal basic income

  • Sexism


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In the


Conversation Club

you will:  


improve your fluency

discuss topics that matter to you

build your vocabulary

feel more confident

talk to people who care about the same things 

You get


EIGHT, 90-minute LIVE sessions with Mariana, a certified trainer


A weekly language challenge to push you a bit more


Video recordings of the sessions to review when you want


All the materials you will need for the sessions and the language challenge


Access to the vocabulary trainer during and 4 weeks after the course


A lot of encouragement and motivation! 

All of this for ​only


Learn without RISK!


We are 100% convinced that your English will improve with our program. However, the Real World Conversation Club is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. 


This means that you have 14 days to request a refund.

If you came to four live-sessions, did the two language challenges and the work your trainer asked, and feel you didn't get any value we will refund you. That simple.

  • Please beware of the refund deadline.

  • You will be asked to submit proof of your work.


Real-World Conversation Club

is for you if...

bubble-speak (1).png

you need to improve your fluency

This program is designed to get you to talk. We give you the vocabulary you need to talk about the topics you are interested in. 


if you have 4 hours a week 

The program requires at least 4 hours a week of your time. This means that you need to have enough time to prepare for the sessions and to join us in the discussion!  You can invest a bit more, but we don't recommend less than 4 hours a week.

you aren't looking for a grammar class

This is a conversation club, this means that the focus is on speaking. During the topic's 1st session we will cover vocabulary and touch on a couple of language structures.  Of course, grammatical questions will be answered if they arise, but that's not what will spend most of our time on. 

Here's the schedule

Must-Have Conversations
18:30- 20:00
Feb 2nd- 25th 2021
Tuesday and Thursday
Upper intermediate/ advanced
The Environment
9 - 10:30
Jan 5th- 28th 2021
Tuesday and Thursday
Intermediate / Upper int.
Business Talk
Jan 5th- 28th 2021
Tuesday and Thursday
Upper intermediate / advanced
Media & Tech
9- 10:30
Feb 2nd- 25th 2021
Tuesday and Thursday

and she's your trainer!

Picture of Mariana, the ENglish instructor smiling.
  • She is a dedicated and encouraging trainer with over a decade of teaching experience.

  • She helps learners feel more confident, and overcome their fear of making mistakes.

  • She loves to make things with her hands and is always listening to a podcast.



Conversation Club

4 weeks 

4 topics

Lots of talking

in this short program, you'll...

Talk about topics that matter to you

Why talk about pigeons when you're interested in climate change? In this conversation club, you will discuss topics that are important to you. 

Build your vocabulary

Each week you will learn vocabulary that you will use in context. This will give you many opportunities to say the words you learned and to try them out. 

Boost your confidence to speak

Confidence to speak is not something that happens overnight. It is something you build with small actions every day. This program is designed to get you to talk and talk and talk, even if it is hard. We believe in you. 

practice in a safe setting

Everyone in the conversation club is learning. Mistakes are welcome. Mariana, our English trainer creates an encouraging atmosphere for you to speak your mind.

What our learners think

InkedReview english omar_LI.jpg

You are the most dedicated English teacher I know. 

english reviews 25.jpg

The freedom to make mistakes... The classes are funny and they are not a waste of time/money.

InkedrEview english class 5_LI.jpg

You are a motivated teacher who really wants the students to get better. 

english reviews 15.jpg

I can say that you are the best teacher I have ever had.

english reviews 6.jpg

Am Kurs gefällt mir, dass die Lehrerin sehr cool erklärt. 

english reviews 16.jpg

The best English course I ever had!

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