Our immersive linguistic experiences

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The goal of our immersive language experiences is for you to confidently improve and learn the language of choice. Emphasis on confidence. You work with your instructor to prioritize your goals and select topics that are important for you. The curriculum is designed with your particular group in mind and is updated as you go along, so you are always learning what you need.  Each session will focus on different language points that are tailored to your needs.

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Do you like to paint? Bake? Act? Our language instruction is supported by a wide array of workshops with the goal of encouraging the use of what you have learned in the real world. All of the workshops and hands-on activities are picked by you and expertly woven into the language curriculum. We have over 60 options for you to choose from and are lead by experts in the area, don't worry, your language instructor is there too. So chill!



We want you to take advantage of all the learning opportunities we provide, therefore our experiences have a maximum of 8 learners. This allows us to personalize the course as much as possible, so you learn what you need and want to learn.



Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable while being fun, outgoing and being able to create a relaxed environment for learning to take place. They will guide you and accompany you throughout your entire immersive linguistic experience, they are also with you during the workshops and hands-on activities.