Multiweek linguistic experiences

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The experience

10 or 12 weeks of confidence-boosting language training. Learn, practice & improve your language skills through different hands-on activities and workshops. You meet twice a week for 90 minutes (maybe longer with a workshop). Take control of your own learningand gain the courage and assurance you need to start speaking! 



We have over 60 options of regular and premium workshops for you to pick from. They range from programming,  & cooking, to time management & painting. 

The premium workshops (like linoleum printing or cement) have an additional cost due to specialized materials (5-15 €) depending on the workshop. 

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Our immersive linguistic experiences are for adult learners who want to improve their language skills and boost their confidence through effective experiential learning. With up to 8 learners per group, we maximize your speaking time and you get the most out of your immersive linguistic experience.  

I loved the new techniques for teaching which I did not know yet. The lessons were varied, it was never boring. I learned a lot!



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Our experiences are run by highly experience, qualified and outgoing language trainers. Our workshops are led by experts in their fields, but don't worry! Your language trainer is always there to make sure you are getting the most out of the content. 


Personalized learning

With the expert guidance of your language trainer,  you and your fellow participants will set the learning goals that will lead the language curriculum. Our experiences are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages but are completely tailored and designed around the topics you are are interested in and the objectives you want to reach. 



The price includes everything you need for your experience (except for the optional book club). This includes materials, ingredients, and printouts The price includes regular workshops. 

YEs! We offer these online!