A language focus session

In this session, we started our class talking about the book I’ve Got your Number by Sophie Kinsella. The theme of this book is a totally different at the last course. It’s very funny und easy to read. Of course I need to search some words, that I don’t understand, however I can read the book more or less fluently. It is very helpful to discuss in class about the words that we didn’t understand while we read. Mariana prepares for each book discussion a list with the words or expressions that we didn’t unterstand. This list include the word or expression that we didn’t understand, the page where the word find it, one example from the book and finally we need to define the meaning of this word. After this activity, we continue talking about some synonyms that we found it in the reading.

After the Book Club, we worked with some grammatic. The topic of the session was NEGATIVE PREFIXES. Mariana explained us how they worked. We made some exercises and she gave us some exercises for homework. After the grammar “session” we continued playing Domino, to strengthen what we newly learned. That was a funny activity! Mariana gave us some homework to practice the use of the negative prefixes.

The next activity (by the way my favourite part) was to watch one video on You Tube about how to write a video script. We watched the video called “How to write a script for YouTube videos”. The creator of this video is a girl, her name is Trina andher channel’s name is Tips with Trena. The duration of the videos is 3:46 minutes. In this video Trina give five short tips to make our videos more successful. We liked the information because was compact and structured and Trina in my opinion, looks professional. I’m grateful to Mariana to introduce me to this You Tube channel. I’ sure will be very useful for me.

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