Making wallets

In our 4th class, we worked with a Chilean girl, that I forgot her name, sorry. I guess was Loreta but I’m not sure.So… our goal with this work was to create a wallet with a milk box (tetrapak box), a king of recycling job.

At the beginning was a little bit bored, but after some minutes the things start to change and was funny and I realize how this method is cool.

I learned some words, idioms and the job itself was cool.My wallet was bigger than wallets of my colleagues, maybe because in the future I will have more money to fill up it .

After the Chilean girl left us, we talked about our book, That is very interesting and started to go get excited talking about the history.At the end we learned some idioms in English, the cool stuff about idioms

it that some of them make no sense if you translate to your mother language, the rule is, just learn them how they are and understand when using them.

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