Make-up class with our beauty guru

This session was pretty cool! We had a special guest: Arantza, the beauty guru. The all session was about to learn new vocabulary. For the workshop we needed to bring our cosmetics and beauty products that we use for the daily care of our skin. I brought my favourites products, specially a love the Korean beauty products. Since approximately one year I try to follow the Korean skin care routine every single day. This routine could be for some people complicated to follow because take a little bit time (for some people is a lot of time), and dedication. For me is more than just skin care, for me is my “time” to relax after a stress day.

The workshop was very interesting because we learn new make-up techniques like Baking, (by the way I loved it!!) or how to choose the right one concealer using the chromatic circle. This was very helpful! We got a lot of very useful tips.

But the most important aspect was, that we had a lot of fun, because was a theme that I really like. You don’t feel that you are in a class room and trying to learn English, for me was more like a meeting with friends.

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