2019 in numbers

2019 has been a year of growth and challenges. We learned something new every single day and that's amazing. ❤️

This has been our biggest year yet. Here it is in numbers:

66 Learners
6 Trainers
47 Workshop sessions
127 Sessions
254 Teaching units

Authentic Learning Berlin is a project that makes my heart burst with joy. It has been steadily growing and that is thanks to YOU.

➡️ You, our amazing German trainers. 👩‍🏫 ➡️ You, our willing participants. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ ➡️ You, our creative workshop leaders. 👩🧑

As this company grows, I am reminded why I started it in the first place, and that was to help people use their voice, regardless of the language. And it makes me incredibly happy and proud to see the results of the hours and hours of work behind it.

I see more confident people, I see people speaking out, I see people asking for what they need.

Thank you, Mariana

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