Podcasts in German for every level

Listening to a podcast is a great way of getting some language training on the go. That being said, finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you are just getting started and want something for your level.

Here's a list of podcasts, broken down for you by level.

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Basic German

Radio D is a superb way to start learning German. It's aimed on learners with little to no previous knowledge and it covers levels A1 & A2. I

  • Topics: It follows the live of Philipp as he travels around, visits Berlin, hangs out with his friends and goes on adventures.

  • Why we love it: It's completely free, has explanations in English and it's not boring!

  • Cost: Did I mention it's free?!?!

  • Extras: There are 53 episodes (A1-A2). You can download the transcript and a PDF with activities to practice what you heard. PLUS! you also have access to the answers to check if you're right.

GermanPod101 is a great way to get started with German. It's based on conversations and gives you the basics to jumpstart you in your German learning. It has a section for complete beginners, and that's great.

  • Topics: It covers the structure of the German language while helping you build your vocabulary and speaking skills

  • Why we love it: It offers many different leves and it's very detailed with explanations in English

  • Cost: The first 3 lesson in every pathway- with sign up.

  • Extras: In order to keep on listening you need to pay a membership. They have 3 different types of programs: basic access includes the podcasts and learning notes (60€/ year), premium gives you the podcast plus comprehensive study tools (180€/ year) and their premium+ is everything above mentioned plus working 1-1 with a German teacher (316€/year).

Intermediate German

Slow German is a gem for earners. It covers interesting topics and does so at a comfortable pace. Each episode has its script, so you can listen and follow along. It also lets you speed it up by listening it 1.25 times faster.

  • Topics: This podcast covers everything, from eating, drinking and daily life to history, literature, social topics and even Playmobil!

  • Why we love it: It's not focused on grammar or explaining how the language works -there are some episodes on that-, it lets you explore other topics and listen to something you are interested in, in a pace suitable for your level.

  • Cost: The audios are free.

  • Extras: There is a premium yearly membership (39.90€). As a member you get learning material for each episode with grammar, fun facts, quizzes and more. If you aren't sure if this is for you, you can pay 1€ and try it out for one week, but we're sure you'll like it because Annik Rubens puts a lot of love and effort in making this.

Advanced German

Coffee Break German. Is for everyone. You can learn German with Thomas and Mark; pick up cultural tips from Cultural Correspondent Julia, and get to grips with the patterns of the language with their Grammar Guru Kirsten.

  • Topics: This podcast covers everything.

  • Why we love it: It starts off a bit slow and then it gets a bit more and more complicated. If you are an advanced learner, you can start in season 3 or 4. On top of that, it has a lot of cultural notes, so you can learn about that as well.

  • Cost: The audios are free.

  • Extras: You can also listen on iTunes. You can also access Coffee Break German plus with extra audios, learning notes and even video lessons. For example Coffee Break German season 1 costs 95 pounds.

Podcasts for native speakers. If you're at the level or want to listen to some more complex German, try a podcast that is made for German speakers.

Here's a list of options:

Fest & Flauschig 2 friends talking about everything and nothing

Talk-o-Mat 2 strangers, one room and one topic.

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