Don't go to Cancun, go to Michoacan!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

by Gaby

Many people usually choose to vacation on the beaches of Mexico because they are beautiful and have exclusive resorts. It's a fantastic country with ruins, mountains, lakes, beaches, archeological sites and has wonderful places.

Our Mexican food is very good and irresistible to eat. It's also an attractive country to travel for cheap. It's a country with history, culture, friendly people, good weather, and many places to visit.

Gaby recommends to visit Michoacan, a state in the south of Mexico. First, go to Lake Patzcuaro to have a boat tour and eat "nieve de pasta". "Nieve de pasta" is hand-made ice cream. After that, go to Janitzio to visit the statue of Morelos and eat fish, it's their speciality.

Finally, go to Morelia city. You can eat typical foods like corunda, uchepo, carnitas, gazpacho and a gaznate. A corunda is corn dough with vegetables. A uchepo is a corn cake. A gazpacho is fruit with orange juice, chili and cheese. It is delicious.

The best weather to visit is in April and May. It is sunny and warm.

Surely, you will like it.


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