Improv for job interviews

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

by Chris Littrell & Mariana A. Ramirez


When you have a job interview, it feels like you're in the spotlight with 10, 000 people staring at you, even if there's only another person in the room. The experience can make you feel very nervous because you know how important it can be. Effectively communicating your value might be the difference between the job of your dreams and not getting a called back.

As you already know, preparation is key when tackling the job hunting monster. And while answering test questions with your partner or friend is great, we have a little tip for you.

Have you considered improv?? No?? You should. Here's why.

Think on you feet One of the goals of a job interviewer is to see how people will react under pressure. Improv is an art form built on reacting and allows individuals to work the parts of their brain that help them think quick in difficult situations. While you'd rarely want to use improv to make your interviewers laugh (although it can help break the ice), you can use it to help your body learn to hone your listening and reacting skills.

Accept and embrace fear and anxiety  Nothing is more fun than acting silly with a bunch of new people, and realizing that there's nothing silly about it! Improv at its core teaches individuals to embrace the fear of not knowing what comes next, and turn that fear into joy. When you embrace fear as a fun challenge it' hard not to become a more confident version of yourself, this translates to a more confident you during a job interview.

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Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

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