What to watch to keep practicing your language skills

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

In times when we can't carry out our normal lives and meet to practice languages, there are many ways to keep learning and to get away from bad news. 

I have put together a list of shows available in Germany (and in other parts of the world) that will make you mostly laugh, lowkey reflect and just forget the madness around you. Most of these shows can also be seen dubbed, but I don't really like that so put in the extra effort and practice your listening skills! 

Shows in English
BILINGUAL!!!! Spanglish. Tacos. Family. Comedy. Tragedy. ICE. LA. Recommended by a participant, approved by us!
Watch: Netflix

The Bold type
Three young women. One Magazine. NYC. Real-life issues. Women supporting women. Feel good show.
Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Good Girls
Three moms. Not enough money. One crime. Funny as hell.
Watch: Netflix

Sex Education
Teenagers. Sex. A sex therapist mom. Highschool. What can go wrong?
Watch: Netflix

Brooklyn 99
Police officers. Brooklyn. Funny characters. Funny AF,
Watch: Netflix

Working Moms
A group of moms. Babies. Real-life. Funny. Laughs. 
Watch: Netflix

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
A cheating husband. A woman with a dream. Comedienne. Jewish. Laughs all around. 
Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Nailed it!
Cake. Fails. Baking. Frosting. Funny participants. All you need in life. 
Watch: Netflix

This is us
One family. Past. Present. Future. Sweet and real characters. Crying. Laughing. All you need in life. 
Watch: Amazon Prime video

One day at a time
One family. Bilingual. Current topics like anxiety. Funny. Real. 
Watch: Netflix

Shows in German
Wer kann, der kann (Nailed it!- German version)
Sarcastic chef. Disappointed Germans. Baking catastrophes. Funny, yes, funny.
This show is suitable for lower-level learners because watching people fail and bake atrocities needs no language.
Watch: Netflix

Deutschland 83 and Deutschland 89
History. German drama. Captivating storylines. 
The language level you need for this is advanced. And even though I think that my German is strong, I still need subtitles. The show is very well done and captivating. 
Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Very famous show. One man. One family. Weird humor. 
I have been to TWO Pastewka premiers and apparently, a ton of people love the show and love the actor. Honestly, I don't really understand the humor but give it a try! You have 10 seasons to fall in love with the show.  
Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Shows in Spanish
Niquelao (Nailed it! -Spanish version)
Nailed it! Mexico
Cake. Spanish. Mexican Spanish. Hilarious fails. A good laugh.
Watch: Netflix

Teenagers. Highschool. Fashion. Murder. Sex. 
Watch: Netflix

4 young women. Oaxaca, Mexico. Beach. Drugs. Sex. Real-life topics. Laughs.
Watch: Netflix

Club de cuervos
A dead father. A brother. A sister. A football club. The funniest show I thought I would't like and ended up crying when it ended. 
Watch: Netflix

Soooo, what are you watching to make keep you entertained and feeling optimistic? Let me know below... I need YOUR recommendations!

BTW. We're hosting some webinars and online language sessions in case you want to practice your language skills even further. Check it out here!


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