What our learners say...

"Había estado toda mi vida en cursos tradicionales de inglés... me quedaba callada en reuniones o me iba... Las clases de Authentic Learning Berlin han sido el mejor dinero invertido en cuanto a lenguas se refieren. Yo he visto resultados, me comunico con nativos, me llenó de ganas de seguir." - Yazmin Ayala

This is why we do what we do. 

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 You made me feel sure about my abilities & that mistakes are not that bad.


You are one of my best favorite teachers so far. Thank a lot for your works. You always gives us positive energies, what not much teacher do sadly 😔... I was always excited to visit your class on Thursday😁

"Ich war überhaupt nicht selbstbewusst. Bei Mariana man lernt sehr intensiv, sehr zielgerichtet und man kann an den Themen drehen, mitentscheiden. Solche Methode hatte ich noch nicht gesehen. Ich kann es nur an allen empfehlen." - Isabel Isasi

English class reviews

You made me feel so comfortable. Normally I feel very uncomfortable speaking but you encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. You helped me be less anxious.

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I will miss the cheerfulness to make mistakes in English. Thank you for you patience!

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I can say that you are the best teacher I have ever had.

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I appreciated the way you take your job seriously and make someone feel like you cared. 

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I would recommend [to] every student, who has trouble with his languages...

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Your methodik is super! I liked it because we have a lof of practical games.

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I like the way you work. You always take your time and prepare everything for the class, which is why your lectures are always structured and professional. 

We take pride in providing our learners not only with language skills but with confidence to speak in an encouraging setting.

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The freedom to make mistakes... The classes are funny and they are not a waste of time/money.

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You are the most dedicated English teacher I know. 

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I will miss the active way of learning with games and the funny way the teacher explained the words we didn't know. 

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I will miss the carefree learning. Thank you. 


Ich habe den Kurs wirklich genossen. Es war immer interessant. Sowohl Inhalt als auch zwischenmenschliche Beziehung. 

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I can say that you are the best teacher I have ever had.

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You are a motivated teacher who really wants the students to get better. 

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Am Kurs gefällt mir, dass die Lehrerin sehr cool erklärt. 

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The best English course I ever had!