You've got this!

For new hires 

Our "You've got this program" is a personalized experience to help new hires adjust to working life in Germany and feel at home in Berlin as soon as possible. 

  • 2-week intensive German training​​​​​ for 1

    • Mo-Fri, 2 teaching units/session

    • Comfortable working day schedule 

    • Outings to become familiar with their surroundings and neighborhood while practicing the language in the real world.

  • 4-week German training for 1 

    • ​Confidence building workshops

    • Twice a week, 2 teaching units/session​

    • Confidence boosting workshops

  • 3 sessions with an intercultural trainer to help understand the German culture​

    • Sample topics​

      • German working culture​

      • Crosscultural communication

      • Topics are personalized

* Each teaching unit is 45 minutes long